“AS LONG AS GOD GIVES HER STRENGTH, SHE WILL GO ON DOING HIS WORK,” says Fr Edward Le Joly in this personal portrait of the recent years of Mother Teresa’s life. Looking at the powerful witness of Mother Teresa’s ministry and the rapid growth of her community, the Missionaries of Charity, Le Joly chronicles the remarkable events of the period between 1985 and 1992. A contemporary of Mother Teresa‘s who has known and worked with her from the beginning, Fr Le Joly shares with us his perspective on the events of this period, including her re-election as Superior General, the visit of the Holy Father to Mother’s original foundation in Calcutta, her participation in the World Day of Prayer in 1986, and her third heart attack suffered in Tijuana in 1991. Emphasizing her spirituality and the love of Jesus which made it all possible, he shows how, under Mother’s careful guidance, the Missionaries of Charity have grown over the last decade, so that now there are over innumerable houses in more than 100 countries. Father Le Joly’s account is an inspiring tale of the power of love: “A woman in love at her age, with all her responsibilities, is something beautiful. It sums up her whole career.”