Do you toss and turn anxiously before falling asleep? Would you like to feel light and at ease before turning off the lights? Would you not like to empty the heavy baggage of mixed thoughts before closing your eyes? Some of us are indeed blessed. We pass through days and nights effortlessly. We are at ease with ourselves throughout the day, and then get wholesome sleep, without taking recourse to medication or other aids and techniques… Some of us, though, are not able to shrug off all that we tend to gather throughout the day. This Book will help you feel light… Not many words; not many tips. Just a pause; a few moments to reflect. A Book that will help you to reflect; to unwind… A small dose of wisdom just for Tonight. . . Open any page at random every night and read what is meant for you to know and think about, for that night… Don’t you want to know what ‘My Page for Tonight’ is?