An enthralling and intriguing book indeed. A beautiful and heart-felt account of a Parsi Zorastrian young man who travelled to Italy to see and meet the “Living Crucifix” (Padre Pio), because he could not believe that such a person could exist in our modem times! After seeing, meeting and talking to Padre Pio, he returns home to Bombay and undergoes the ‘dark night of the soul‘, studies the Catholic Faith for a year, but is unable to believe and accept that God can become man Jesus Christ! Bishop Bosco Penha, the Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, Writes in the Preface that he could not put the book down once he started reading it, and says, “Kersi indeed writes very Well.” This is a book that is a ‘must’ both for Catholics, to strengthen and appreciate their faith, and for non-Christians, to share the rich spiritual experiences of the author You too might finish the book at ‘one go’!