Haven’t you ever, at one time or another, thought of giving up on something you were set out to achieve? Yes, such a tendency is not so uncommon among us. But remember, only a few, a rare few, manage to ignore and overcome such a feeling or thought and pursue their dreams despite the ‘evidence’ that life keeps showing them that they won’t make it. Attractive in its simplicity and rich in its potential, Never Give Up! is a disarming straightforward book that explores the lives of a few people who faced innumerable ‘disadvantages’, difficulties and failures, but never gave up on the pursuit of their goals. Their lives exemplify countless reasons why you should not give up in your life. The real-life stories are truly inspiring, challenging and a pleasure to read. As you read page after page of this inspiring book, you will find an echo of ‘never give up’ stirring within your own heart. The book is a great stimulus to move from where you are to where to want to be!