“New Testament Introduction” will be increasingly recognized as a very valuable way to introduce students to modern historical-critical interpretation of the New Testament without sacrificing its primary message. For that achievement the author merits our gratitude.” —George MacRae, S.J. Harvard Divinity School “Pheme Perkins is well-known in Catholic scripture circles as a first-rate scholar who is able to communicate the results of her scholarship to a popular audience.” —John P Meier Catholic University of America “Highly recommended… She brings both a sure grasp of biblical scholarship and an understanding of the interdependence of scripture and the church.” —Liguorian “This is an excellent book for anyone wishing to start studying the New Testament… as an individual or as a member of a group.” —The Universe, London “This second and revised edition of New Testament Introduction has obviously profited from the reactions of hundreds of students and other readers in the last decade. It will be especially welcome in adult bible-study groups which are always in search of affordable materials of outstanding quality.” —John J. Pilch, Ph.D.