Peter Hannan believes that many people today are looking for a new faith-vision which will give meaning and direction to their lives, and that this vision can be achieved—providing they are prepared to work at it and to persevere. Some of the major obstacles to our accepting and responding to the unconditional love of God come from our own inherited false images of both God and of ourselves. By acknowledging and examining our own experiences, and by reflecting on them in the light of the gospels, he seeks in this book to lead the pilgrim on a journey of faith towards intimacy and union with the God who, as St John tells us, is love. Fr Hannan says, at the beginning of this book: “Over twenty-five years of reading the Bible every day, I became fascinated by the range of aspects of the love of God which I found presented there… Sometime later I became interested in the Enneagram which holds that we are made in God’s Image, and that each one of us reflects one of nine aspects or ‘faces’ of God… These nine faces correspond in a very enlightening way with those I had found in the Bible.”