Written in simple and, at the same time, vivid language, this is a collection of Bl. John Paul II’s Audiences on the Christian Life, grouped into eight chapters, all of which see man in his role as a pilgrim, one who is not in his final home but journeying toward it: our search for God, God’s search for us, the pilgrim’s secrets, tasks, final end, and much more. These meditations provide a timely antidote to the crass materialism of our secular culture by reminding us of the spiritual dimension of human life, and they call on everyone to “undertake, holding fast to Christ the Redeemer, a journey of authentic conversion. This includes both a negative aspect, that of liberation from sin, and a positive aspect, that of choosing good, accepting the ethical values Only on embarking on that “journey to the Father” that John Paul II so eloquently and with such deep conviction propounds, dare we hope to become partners of God in “renewing the face of the earth”(Ps 103:30).