Fr Vincent Twomey offers here a unique double-presentation of the man, Pope Benedict XVI — a “theological portrait” that encompasses both an overview of the writings, teachings and thought of the brilliant theologian and spiritual writer, and the man himself, his personality traits, and how he communicates with others. Twomey shows that the Pope’s style is really the opposite of the negative and inaccurate past depictions of Ratzinger. Benedict is indeed very pastoral and will first win the hearts of the people who can then read his writings for themselves. Twomey also reveals that the secret to Benedict’s serene, dignified manner is his openness to beauty and truth. He lives for others and is not preoccupied with his own self. He is a man that Twomey says “has the courage to be imperfect”, showing he has a deep humility and that he strives for teaching the truth even when he is misunderstood or not properly presented.