One of people’s most deep-rooted desires in life is to have the power to influence people and to get along well with others. Why? Because getting to know and like people, and getting people to know and like you are your trump cards in the game of success. In fact men and women who get to the top in life, in any field, have this one quality in common: they get done what they want, through the willing efforts of other people. This knack of doing things is simple: they work calmly but with calculation to help as many people as they can to become better, stronger and finer. It is this type of dedicated service towards others, the deliberate act of, making their success the object of your concern that will always cause them to think well of you. Only then can you count on the kind of support that is bound to guarantee your own progress and ever- widening influence with people. A careful reading of this book, packed with ideas and examples, will spur you on to better human relations and success both at home and at your place of work.