During the last sixteen centuries, millions of men and women are known to have left everything in order to seek God ‘with a relentless quest’. They earnestly endeavoured to be radical followers of Christ and genuine prophets of the Lord. The religious life has nurtured, over the years, an army of outstanding men and women who constantly inspired and challenged the Church to renounce its worldly ways and follow Christ more authentically. They also served humanity in a wide variety of ways. This book is a tribute to these heroic men and women. This book is a tribute to these heroic men and women. The author, who’s been a religious in the Society of Jesus for more than sixty years, concedes that what he is today is because of his participation in the religious life. The book grew out of his own life. At the same time the religious life in India and around the world is going through a painful crisis. It stands in need of a radical renewal which involves developing a new and inspiring vision of the religious life. The religious have to summon up great courage and determination to make that vision a lived reality. This book seeks to offer some help towards our common quest for the renewal of religious life and mission. It is ardently hoped that this book will stimulate a serious reflection on the part of the religious and lead to significant changes in the life and ministries of the religious.