SEEING CHRIST IN THE PSALMS AND THE PSALMS IN THE LIFE OF CHRIST At key moments in his life on earth, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, turned to the psalms for words to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. It is not hard to imagine Jesus, his mind and heart saturated with the psalms as they were prayed aloud in the Temple, going off early in the morning to pray. They became his answering speech to his heavenly Father. In these pages you will discover how the psalms that relate closely to Jesus can also become our answering speech. We will begin by immersing ourselves in several psalms which Jesus himself refers to and fulfils. And then in the second half of the book, we will immerse ourselves in psalms that Jesus would have meditated on during his time on earth, focusing on the heart and mind of Jesus as he prayed the psalms. Structural analysis of each psalm will help us grow our ability to read the psalms. Then guided personal prayer liturgies with each chapter will help us go deeper in the experience of praying the psalms. Through these psalms we will discover more of the human life of our Lord, and in the process we will discover more of who we are as we come before God.