One of St Augustine’s earliest prayers after his conversion was a prayer to understand himself and to discover God. He came to realize that all humans follow more or less the same path of discovery, a path that begins in darkness and ends in wisdom. Most of us never achieve the perfection of wisdom, but in the meantime we can be certain that we are showing our love for God by reaching out to our fellow human beings. In such loving we can be confident that God is close to us. “Father Burt does not simply present Augustine c wisdom for the journey of faith. He enters the journey with Augustine and invites his readers to join him. What results is thoughtful, prayerful, insightful, sometimes even humorous, but always challenging wisdom for our own journey of faith. Through the pen of Fr Burt an ancient St Augustine speaks to the serious searcher lurking within the modern human heart. ” — Thomas Martin, O.S.A. Theology Department, Villanova University “With humour, humility, warmth and a lyricism reminiscent of the Song of Songs, Don Burt breathes abundant new life into classical categories of Christian spirituality. He mines the works of St Augustine, including the fifth century bishop’s many sermons, with an ease that belies the long and careful scholarship necessary for such a task. Father Burt applies his own considerable philosophical mind and opens his vast and vulnerable heart to entice the reader to join him, and Augustine, in a lifelong search for God.” — Joseph T. Kelley, Director, Center for Augustinian study and Legacy, Merrimack College