This book presents a spirituality of heart and a path to opening ourselves to the divine voice and the world that waits to hear it. It is based on a combination of extensive research and the author’s own personal devotion to the Sacred Heart—an almost lost treasure from our Catholic past. The book encourages our opening to: An upgrade of devotion to the Sacred Heart so that it is no longer about Jesus-and-I but has a social consciousness and universal outreach – A respect for the new cosmology and theology that may appeal both to Catholics and to people from other religious traditions – A rediscovery of mystical devotion as accessible to everyone and an often missing feature of spirituality. The book explores the symbolism of the heart in world religious traditions, and then traces the historical thread of Christian devotion into modern times. The bonus aspect of this book is the prayer section that provides just the adequate fuel to flame the devotion into practice out of love for the very heart that loved us into being!