The young people of today are easily exposed to the influence of pornography, drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, crime and corruption. Helping them cope up with such influences and liberate them from moral degradation are serious tasks for parents and teachers. Driven by a genuine and ardent desire to inculcate values in the young, P. V. George, with 18 years of experience behind him as a teacher, has written these skits. He is convinced that enacting such skits can foster values such as service to the poor, sincerity of purpose, love, hard Work, peace, forgiveness, devotion to God, etc. These skits can be easily enacted in schools, clubs and organizations with or without elaborate costumes, make up, lighting and props, depending on the occasion and the innovativeness of those involved. The dialogues are short and simple, so that they can be memorized without much effort and with minimal practice.