Here’s a book that contains the life-sketches of forty-three Indian women achievers! These are women who have made significant strides in various walks of life and who, through their work have proved that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that extra step you take to make your vision a reality. The most striking feature of this book is it’s analysis of each woman’s life work using the ‘Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy’ (REBT) theory and practice. Using the stories as a case in point, the book illustrates the fact that while external events undoubtedly have their influence on the lives of every human person, psychological balance is largely a matter also of personal choice. It demonstrates how through sheer persistence and hard work we can be rid of all those irrational ideas and beliefs that are responsible for any negative response on our part to the various situations we encounter in life. And its women’s power showing the way — the REBT way!