“A day without suffering is a day lost.” This explosive statement was found in St Alphonsa’s spiritual diary. Pope Benedict XVI referred to this twice during the Canonization ceremony. Indeed, this affirmation sums up her life and her message. She stands out as the role model for all those who drink from the cup of suffering in their day-to-day life. St Alphonsa’s spirituality was built on four solid pillars of prayer, love, suffering and service. Of all these, it was through suffering embraced in love that she expressed her love for Jesus. In each of the seven brief chapters of this book Fr Kattady examines one aspect of St Alphonsa’s suffering and shows how she followed the footsteps of her crucified Saviour, embracing tightly the crosses in her life. The powerful message the author gathers from the life of this Saint of Suflering and conveys to the reader is that we just cannot belong to Jesus if we are not willing to share his cross.