Founder of the Order of Friars Preachers (The Dominicans). Dominic Guzman was born in a small town in northern Spain in 1170. After completing his studies at the college in the town of Palencia, Dominic was invited to go and live in the Spanish city of Osma. In April 1203, Dominic and Diego, the bishop of Osma were sent on a mission to Denmark by the Spanish king. While travelling through France Dominic and Diego realised that the French people were in need of help and guidance to understand their religion. In 1206 after completing their mission in Denmark, Dominic and Diego began to preach throughout the French countryside. To help his followers in their preaching Dominic built a monastery and convent at Prouille and a second monastery in the city of Toulouse. Pope Honorius then gave Dominic approval to establish the Order of Preachers and Dominic went to live in the city of Bologna, northern Italy. After Dominic’s death on August 6, 1221, the reputation of the Dominicans as men of learning became well known, as the followers of Dominic spread to many countries.