One of the least understood saints in the Catholic Church is St Joseph. In fact, he is even largely misunderstood. This book strives to clear that misunderstanding by bringing out little or unknown facets of this great saint’s personality and succeeds admirably well in doing so. Joseph, husband of Mary, and Foster Father of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, thus comes through as a Saint with a mission, a mission he continues to carry out as ‘Protector of the Church’. As a matter of fact, Joseph‘s mission started with his ‘yes’ to God as implied in his obedience to the divine dictum to take Mary as his wife despite the fact that she Was already with child shortly after her betrothal to him. In so doing, he was actually giving his consent to God’s plan. Significantly, the manner in which the book touches on St Joseph’s life actually makes up for what is lacking in sacred scripture concerning him.