“When I first read George Menezes, he was witty, sometimes acerbic and always original. Today, he is still original and witty, but the acid has been replaced by compassion and by a love for humanity that moistens my eyes and nourishes my soul. To read George in those days was to be entertained, occasionally provoked. To read him today is to be uplifted. Only the best wines age well.” —Prem Shankar Jha “George can be audacious without being impertinent, delightful without being deliberate and wise beyond words without being pretentious. My only thought is: By George, I wish I could write like him.” — M. V. Kamath “George Menezes’ latest collection sparkles with humour and the human touch. You find here all the wit, warmth and observation that made him our most enduring Middle writers. He captures in a few words emotions and ideas with effortlessness honed over decades in the game.” — Bachi Karkaria “George Menezes so skilfully blends humour and philosophical insights that one wonders why anyone should have thought they were different. He provides a read that is both enjoyable and memorable.” – Jug Suraiya “A feeling first finds its way to the heart of George Menezes. Then George Menezes finds an appropriate word for it in his head. The result is a highly readable collection of columns, short essays and articles, written over the years, and now finding a deserved place between two covers.” — C. P. Surendran