Today’s divorce epidemic reflects the rise of many social forces that can pull even the happiest couple apart. ln fact, many of us hold deeply ingrained attitudes and assumptions that Work against long-term marital happiness. From renowned family therapist Dr William J. Doherty, this book helps couples pinpoint hidden marital problems and take positive steps to stay close and connected every day. Readers leam to break free of such common traps as confusing desires with needs, or applying a trade-in-the-old-model consumer mentality to one’s own spouse. They get suggestions for creating relationship rituals that stand the test of time; from mundane to celebratory to silly. For young couples who want to hold tight to happily-ever-after, or longtime marrieds on the brink of breakup, this book shows how to fight back to restore a marriage Worth saving. “Dr Doherty presents a unique and impassioned analysis of how our consumer culture erodes our dream of having the lasting union that We want so much. His practical suggestions for rituals that restore love and commitment are immediately applicable. –Harriet Lerner, PhD, author of Marriage Rules.” A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up.