`Teen’ age is the most tricky period of growth in the life of every human person. And yet, it can also be the most delightful—if only we knew how to make it so! That is precisely what this book is all set to do. And what better way than to start off by calling teens ‘young adults’ ! Teen-age is a time of challenges—a challenge to know your self better, a challenge to build up self-confidence, a challenge to make the most of everything teen-life has to offer. This book spells out a clear-cut plan of action that enables young readers to enhance self-esteem by understanding themselves better, work out problems by adopting a responsible attitude and generally choose the right direction to maturity without feeling the express need of adult guidance. Incidentally, even adults will find this book interesting in that it would serve as an eye-opener to the many pitfalls youngsters are subject to along the way from adolescence to adulthood.