Here is a book that helps you to help yourself! It contains the essence of most self-help programmes in condensed format. As such, it enables you to grasp the real issues involved in personal development. The author, an experienced psychotherapist, has closely observed what goes wrong in people’s lives, and through her questionnaires she helps you get on track and achieve the outcomes you really desire. The book helps you find a positive answer to the basic question: ‘What really makes people feel good? ‘Areas covered include: Life questions Confidence and self-esteem Personal values Time, stress, anxiety and relaxation Dealing with the past Depression Loss and grief Happiness, joy and creativity Relationships and communication. The 1000 Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Yourself gives you the principles underlying self-help to apply them to any situation. Using the book will act as a complete personal workout that will have beneficial long-term effects on your thinking, attitudes, feelings and behavior.