Abraham Lincoln once said: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Man is the maker of his happiness. He makes his own weather, determines the colour of the skies in the emotional universe which he inhabits. He can, by a creative effort, bring such sun-light to his soul that it makes radiant whatever events may come his way. He can, on the other hand, permit himself to slump into a state of inner depression and gloom. The Art of Living Joyfully is not like any other book on happy living. It does not pretend to offer the reader a remedy for every difficulty, as human minds and human lives being peculiarly individual need separate treatment and guidance. Besides, there is no such thing as absolute happiness on earth: the nearest approach to it is contentment. However, the reader will closely follow its line of thought and action, help himself to live his life more happily than he had done hitherto.