This book is the fruit of a spiritual experience that profoundly marked the life of the author and enabled him to discover the deep meaning of the act of ‘blessing’. Far from being simply a ritual that punctuates religious ceremonies, the practice of blessing rests on spiritual laws that each one of us can discover so that we may live better, live more fully. The author, to his own edification, makes two significant discoveries. Firstly, that it is useless attempting to transform the social, political, and economic structures if one does not also transform people’s hearts. Secondly, that either spirituality is lived in everyday life, in the most mundane of circumstances, or it has no reason to exist at all. And so it is that the book shows how, whether at the office or at the factory, while gardening or washing the car, in business, in married life or in religion, whilst doing the dishes or the laundry, when in suffering or in joy, the very act of blessing brings not only the recipient of the blessing as well as the one giving or praying a blessing, much needed grace and solace in every sphere of life. In time, the reader’s spirituality, thus lived, evolves into an art form that helps unseal inner fountains of healing and bliss which, once they start to flow, will grow with every blessing.