The Church’s prayer for healing is manifested in many ways, but none more emphatic than through the sacraments of reconciliation, anointing of the sick and the Eucharist. Jim McManus prepares us to understand the power of healing with a careful discussion of Jesus’ own healing ministry while he was on earth, and a thoughtful reflection on the role of suffering in Christian life. He then shows how the Church prays for healing today in the celebration of the sacraments, particularly through the language of the rites. He also explores other avenues of healing prayer: paraliturgical healing services, devotion to Mary and healing of self-image through personal prayer. Throughout his work, he illustrates the discussion with strong personal witness from those with whom he has Worked, providing both information and enthusiasm for this growing ministry within the Church. Pastorally oriented, this book will be welcomed both by those who minister and by those in need of healing.