Why is motivation a miracle? Because motivation * helps you succeed *helps you overcome problems * helps you achieve your goals * works miracles in your life. Where does self-motivation come from? It starts with a dream. A dream of yourself as you would like to be. A vision of your best self, successful in your personal and professional life. How can The Miracle of Motivation help you? The Miracle of Motivation is the most practical book you’ll ever read. Every chapter takes you another step on the road to success. Motivational Memos will help you quickly recall valuable nuggets of advice. And the Success Seeker’s Easy Index will make this book your most often used resource—whenever your life sputters and stalls, you’ll turn to the counsel of a professional, a man who’s been there, George Shinn. “You too can turn your failures into brilliant opportunities. You too can set imaginative and daring goals and reach them.”