It is in the Pentateuch/Torah that Christians see the salvation history beginning in the Paradise and culminating in the death of Jesus on the Cross and in His Resurrection. But it is not always easy to distil the messages in the first five books of the Bible. Here is an excellent exegetical commentary of the Pentateuch written in such a lucid, simple yet comprehensive and attractive style, that students of the Bible will treasure it as a boon. The author, Dr Sebastian Kizhakkeyil who stands out as one of the leading Bible scholars in India today, has a special knack to explain in a simple way even the most difficult passages of the Bible. Easy-to-read and scholarly at the same time, this book explains every event in the Pentateuch providing answers to all possible questions that Bible students may want to ask. This book will undoubtedly go a long way in helping all Christians who want to delve deeper into the Word of God bequeathed to us in the Pentateuch.