Praying the psalms puts us in touch with ourselves and with a 365 Days loving and caring God. Besides, praying the psalms constitutes a great privilege, deepening as it does our prayer and enriching as it does our lives with profound joy and abundant spiritual benefits. The psalms are a precious treasure, and a poetic and spiritual patrimony of humanity. They manifest the beauty of faith and devotion and express the whole range of attitudes and sentiments of all humanity. They express genuine faith, hope, love for God, trust in Him, intimacy with Him, repentance, joy, fear, anger, disappointment, anguish, expectation, gratitude and praise, humbly and reverently baring before God all our humanness. The Psalms are the voice of the Church. The 150 Psalms are here divided into 365 sections, one for each day of the year. Each section begins with a short introduction and ends with a little prayer. This helps you to capture the meaning and spirit of each section, the ‘User’s Guide’ in the book facilitating choice according to your need and making for spiritual nourishment and delight.