With The Wisdom & Power of Positive Living Dr John M. Mathews takes you to a new plateau of positivity and creativity. This book

aims to expose in depth, the time-tested and long-held principles that animate and sustain the spirit and practice of positive living. The book is divided into three sections: positive thinking, positive attitudes and the sweet fruits of positive thinking and positive attitudes. Illustrative examples and anecdotes gleaned from the lives of creative thinkers, philosophers, sages, artists, mystics and saints, deployed to clarify, substantiate and illumine the varied dimensions of positive living constitute a notable feature of this book. All aspirants to positive and creative living—students, teachers, young professionals, budding business executives—waiting at the threshold of life will find this book a treasure to be cherished greatly! The insights into the varied aspects of positive living, as expounded in this book, is sure to help clarify one’s vision of life, and refine and deepen one’s sense of values.