People from every Walk of life across the globe adjudged the late Pope John Paul II as a unique figure, a person of great human values and virtues. Among his numerous intellectual contributions, perhaps his studies on the theology of the body are the best discussed and deliberated upon. In fact his vision has been appropriately termed the “theology of the body” because the human body, male and female, reveals truths not only about the nature of humankind but also about the nature of God. His deep insights into the theology of the body are found spread out in his numerous Weekly addresses given at his public Wednesday Audiences from 1979 to 1984. The author has simplified in the present volume the Pope‘s Wednesday Catechism and it will surely be useful and enriching for the reader to understand that human sex and its exercise in matrimony is a divine act and therefore every human being, male and female, is elevated to the dignity of a necessary instrument of God’s ongoing creation in the World.