Even though everyone who gets married is hoping for a life of happiness, the divorce rate seems to be on the increase. However, a truly happy, enduring marriage is still possible. Bestselling author and marriage counsellor, Dr Gary Chapman, with more than 40 years of counselling couples, believes that divorce results from the lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn to work together as intimate teammates. This practical, eye-opening book is packed with wisdom and tips to develop a loving, supportive, and mutually beneficial marriage. It’s the type of information Gary himself wished he had before he got married. Things I Wish Pd Known Before We Got Married is not only a read; its an experience. Dating or engaged couples will benefit from the “Talking It Over” sections, extensive resources, a thought-provoking appendix, plus a revealing learning exercise. By understanding and communicating about these topics, couples can experience a healthier, lasting relationship.