TIME TO CHANGE is not a book that is primarily intended to be just ‘read’. It is to be ‘done’ or ‘made’. It is aimed at everyone, however busy they are, who wish to find joy and peace in their lives. Step-by-step, at the reader’s own pace, Michael Campbell-Johnston introduces one of the great traditions of spiritual growth. It is practical and down to earth. TIME TO CHANGE is based on a book — and a way of life — that has inspired people to find God in ordinary everyday things and experiences for 450 years: The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Catholic Religious Order known as the Jesuits. Unlike most journeys that we take in our lives, it is not mainly something that we do ourselves — it is something that God does within us. Our job is to make this possible, to take the necessary steps that will allow God to speak and us to listen. If we set out on this journey, we will discover what God is saying to us and personally at this particular moment in our lives.