Every person is a marvel of God’s creation. We have only one chance to live this life. Thus we have to make the best use of this gift and live it the best way. This book presents both the realities and ideals of life. It first of all portrays the reality of life as it is lived today by most people with its modem interpretations and decline in values. However, the author does not stop with the reality. He takes us to another step — the ideal life all of us need to aim at and move towards. Knowledge of the reality is essential for taking steps to improve the ways one lives and thus transform one’s life. Judiciously choosing topics that touch our day-to-day life, the author brings them alive with interesting illustrations from real life experiences. The reader will find something resonating within him/her while reliving those experiences. Transformation of life is the ultimate goal of this book. It challenges us to be willing to be transformed and in turn be agents of transformation. A topic a day can work this wonder of transformation in anyone ’s life.