We live in a world of change which necessitates a Willingness to change for the better from Within. Life, as We live it, is a continuous learning process. This process is a step by step march towards the fullness of life to which the creator has called us. Monica Femandes, a reputed writer in several journals, compiles her articles published in The Teenager, the National Youth Magazine. Although Written for the youth, the topics covered in this compilation can help anyone seeking ways to live a fuller life. The 25 tips given in this book touch our human nature and strike a chord in every reader’s mind. “Monica is not only a good writer, but she is a good psychologist. Her essays are observations on human nature and the problems we face in a fast-moving and highly competitive society. She offers practical solutions and advice to surmount the pressures and the tensions of daily existence in such an environment….. ” From the Foreword by Julio Ribeiro, Retired Police Commissioner Mumbai.