Archbishop Menamparampil’s new book, Towards a Sense of Responsibility, comes as a wake-up call for all of us. The topics discussed in this book refer to some of the pressing problems the world faces today and their possible solutions, values that are under threat, opportunities that remain unused and the sense of responsibility that needs to be awakened. Reviewing the social, political, financial and ecological scenario of our world in general and of our nation in particular, the author challenges every conscientious citizen to hope against hope in spite of the pervasive sense of helplessness, disorientation, anxiety and fear they experience. At this moment in history, when our society is plagued by terrorism, scams, corruption, kickbacks, bribes, usurpation and what not, people need a new light, a new vision, to keep alive their hopes. In the rottenness and chaos prevalent in the society, in the general degradation of values, the author dares to sight the birth-pangs of a new world: “When a society reaches the limits of its endurance and turns chaotic, it becomes supersensitive, and responsive to small fluctuations such as even minor changes in the values, beliefs, world-views and aspirations of its members. A new world is struggling to be bom. It is during these times that seemingly powerless actions and initiatives of even a small number of people can make a big difference. It can effect unbelievable changes. And even our little efforts, if intelligently thought out, strategically planned and faithfully carried out, may cause a Tsunami within a short span of time and send waves rolling to the end of the earth.” Read this book and it will instill in you enough courage and confidence to attempt to light a candle rather than curse the darkness in despair, even in these times of turmoil and diffidence.