Here is a growing awareness in the world today that the full flowering of the human on earth calls for the liberation and the empowerment of women. For as long as one half of humanity is discriminated against and oppressed, humankind cannot blossom fully. There are four articles in this book which discuss the actual situation of women in India. There are two articles which deal with some aspects of the Hindu tradition. There are two articles in the book which deal with the Christian Scriptures. There is finally a search for a meaningful future. Four articles are engaged in this search. It is undeniable that the full flowering of the human on this planet is not possible without the active collaboration of both women and men. But as long as men tend to look down upon women, to despise them and regard them as second-class citizens or inferior human beings, such collaboration will not materialize. Hence, the liberation and the empowerment of women should be of high priority for all of us. In this common task women have a key role to play. They have to realize that they are equal members of the human family with their own dignity, and that, precisely because of their experience of oppression, they have a unique contribution to make to the creation of a new humanity. Besides, they will have to learn to be more assertive and more expressive without losing their femininity.