God created men and women to be equal but distinct. And so life, with its ups and downs, does hurt all of us, overly bewildering us if not outright crushing us, women being no exception, even as their struggles are different or perhaps even greater than those of men. This is not because they are weak but because they are more sensitive and vulnerable, experiencing things differently, loving more and thus, hurting more, giving more, yet suffering more, grieving more and desiring more. The use of this book helps unravel the mystery that women, like men, are a paradox of sorts carrying within them what seems to be stark opposites: the good and the bad, the sane and the insane, from selfish hoarder to selfless lover, both fragile and strong, sensitive yet sensible. Woman comes through as a gift from God, so designed by God as to be co-creator with God as mother, giving life and nurturing life too with great beauty, delicacy and care. All in all, this book, written by a woman from a believer’s point of view, has the Word of God giving her strength to succeed in life, reflections with God as the basis and prayers whose solid foundation is God’s love! A book for every woman like whom there isn’t another in the whole universe, to enable her to fulfil her God-given purpose the way only she can!