Emotional hurt received in childhood and even from within the mother‘s Womb can scar you for life, robbing you of all that is good, pleasant and beautiful. Your true personality becomes Warped, your relationships go awry, your spirituality blinded and your health destroyed. To make yourself presentable and respectable outside the home, necessity forces you to wear a Mask. The Mask you Wear is the Lie you live. It provides the camouflage you hide behind. Inside the home, it Wears thin and reveals you in all your nakedness. This book painstakingly takes you through an understanding of yourself, your biases, your negativities; assists you to pinpoint root hurts; urges you to be healed of these past Wounds through FORGIVENESS. The aim is to achieve freedom and wholeness, thereby rediscovering your true identity and nature in all their beauty and splendour.