It has been known for some time that the mind affects the body. Scientific research has shown that mental attitudes enhance to or depress the immune system making us more or less susceptible to illnesses. Recent discoveries in neuroplasticity have shown that the mind can change the physical structure of the brain. Canadian psychiatrist Norman Doidge has called neuroplasticity “one of the most extraordinary discoveries of the twentieth century.” This means that the adult brain is not “hard- wired” with fixed and immutable neuronal circuits. In this book the author has collected results of various scientific experiments on how to use the mind to heal the body and presented them in simple language so that lay readers can understand and use them for their own benefit. Although the practices vary widely, they have one feature in common: in one way or another they integrate spirit, mind and body. Use your own inner lab to determine what works best for you. Areas covered include: Balancing your brain, Autogenic training, Facial Yoga, Brain Boosting techniques, Heart Coherence, Focussing, Unstressing, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono therapy, Sensing your body, Huna therapy, Self-efficacy, F.M. Alexander’s technique, The Path of Japa, Four questions that can change your life, The healing breath, The 90-second therapies.