From of old, God has spoken to people through sages and prophets in other situations and contexts. To Israel, particularly, His chosen people, God spoke through numerous ‘prophets’, guiding, admonishing, coaxing, correcting, showing the right from the wrong, helping discern good from bad. As is evident from the books of the Old Testament in the Bible, God did this in every area of their life, i.e. in the area of social relationships, economics, politics, etc. These speeches, or ‘oracles’ as they have come to be called over the years, challenge our self-centred arrogance and cultural prejudices; they teach us who God really is and what he demands of us; they help us to look at the world and at other human beings with the eyes of God himself. This book brings alive as it were the significance of God’s words as He attempts to rouse us from our lethargy, both moral and religious.