Fr Elias Vella, famous charismatic preacher and an officially appointed exorcist of the Church, in writing this book, was motivated by a pastoral need which is increasing among us. Many people, including Catholics, think that devil does not exist. Many others do not recognize his power to harm us. And many indeed fall victim to his deceit. The Divine Revelation, as well as the teachings of the Church and the Church Fathers, maintains that the devil is always with us, continuously seeking to hamper us and to distance us from God. The fight which started between Jesus and the devil had to be extended to the Church. In fact Jesus bequeathed his powers to cast out demons to his Apostles and his disciples (Mt 10:1). Fr Elias Vella, borne of his many years of experience in the deliverance ministry, coupled with his deep sense of prayer and personal holiness, teaches us how we can gain victory over the Devil, who, like a lion, tries to attack and disturb us. Yes: with Jesus we can surely win!