The new life in Christ We receive at baptism is sustained by our practice of the three theological virtues: faith, hope, and love, backed by the practice of the four moral virtues, viz., prudence, Which directs us in making correct choices in life; justice, which helps us give others their due; temperance which helps us control our emotions and passions; and fortitude, which helps us overcome fear that keeps us from loving God. This book demonstrates very effectively how one can go about living out all those virtues With the help of the Holy Spirit who inspires and strengthens us to come to the aid of our neighbour through Works of mercy in his spiritual and bodily needs in a consistent and joyful manner. It takes the reader beyond the emotional quotient evident in every act of mercy to the concreteness of the true Christian vocation, connecting love of neighbour with love of God as seen in the Gospel, in the process raising us above our self-centredness to a high level of other-centredness — the level at which We meet Jesus.