As the mother of Jesus, Mary is the epitome of faith and fidelity—the ultimate model of selflessness. But her example is often dismissed by today’s cynical society. What You Should Know about Mary focuses on Mary’s strength, spirituality, and relevance in the modern world. Author Charlene Altemose portrays Mary in all her greatness… as the bearer of God’s promise to all … and as a model for all who have followed, do follow and will follow the Word of Christ. Altemose reminds us that Mary is someone all of us can relate to. Whether it was being displaced from her home, coping with the growing independence of Jesus as an adolescent, dealing with the harsh realities of being a single parent and widow, or experiencing the isolation of living alone. Mary modelled a life of faith that is just as applicable today as it was two thousand years ago. Regardless of your religious background, What You Should Know about Mary is packed with inspirational thoughts and ideas for living according to Christ’s teachings… and is a great reference for anyone.