Catholics are a “God-with-us” people, a sacramental people…. Celebrating the sacraments is the earmark of a “practising Catholic.” In easy-to-understand language, author and educator Sister Charlene Altemose explores, explains and celebrates the significance of the sacraments in the faith-life of today’s Catholic Church. She examines all seven sacraments as they allow Catholics to continue Jesus’ mission, celebrate Jesus’ presence in symbol and ritual, and connect the sacraments to daily life. For each sacrament she discusses: the historical meaning of the ritual and its symbols. The changes each sacrament has undergone as a result of the Second Vatican Council. The meaning of each sacrament to the individual and to the faith community. Specific issues of present-day sacramental practice and ways in which the celebration of each sacrament can be alive and vibrant. A reflection follows each sacrament and offers guidance for prayer and meditation to make the sacramental experience more meaningful.