When God Seems Distant is all about hunting for the treasure in your inner self, finding your spiritual energy and putting it to good and creative use in daily life. The life of a Christian is to bloom bright and beautiful, oriented towards Jesus. Your life, groomed to be Christ-like, will be characterized by the strength of inner self, the strength of solitude and silence, the strength of self-mastery, the strength of relationship, the strength of service, the strength of solidarity and accompaniment, the strength of endurance, the strength of forgiveness, the strength of self-surrender, the strength of life message and, in short, the strength of your spiritual energy. This book will assist you to master these strengths and harness your spiritual energy for spectacular growth in your spiritual and professional life. It is a guide for a 15-day inward journey that will enable you to tap your spiritual energy and grow Christ-like, a guide to renewed discovery of yourself, God and others that would make a delightful difference in all.