Can there be a human mind that has never worried? Can there be a human heart with no worries, tensions and anxieties? Worries are uninvited and rude guests that can force their entry into our hearts and minds with determined efforts to devastate us. They are like flies that try to settle on us. The more we try to chase them away the more they will try to accomplish their wish. This book helps us analyze the powers of worries and the havoc they can play in our lives so that we may equip ourselves with the needed energies and strategies to declare war against them and do all that we can to silence them, weaken them and render them totally futile, powerless and ineffective. The author says only positive thoughts and pleasant feelings can act as effective remedy to save us from the most dreaded disease of worry addiction. This book is a useful guide to deal with our day-to-day worries and see that we are able to successfully crush their attempts to push us into defeats and failures and finally plunge us into irreparable stress, agony, grief and sorrow.