The II Vatican Council very clearly and emphatically said: “In the exercise of their teaching office, it is the duty of pastors to preach God’s Word to all the Christian people so that, rooted in faith, hope and charity, they may grow in Christ, and that the Christian community may bear witness to that charity which the Lord commended.” With this in view, Fr James Valladares has endeavoured to assist both priests and people in acquiring a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of the Word of God. Undoubtedly, priestly preaching is often very difficult in the circumstances of the modem world. If it is to influence the mind of the listener more fruitfully, such preaching must not present God’s Word in a general and abstract fashion only, but it must also apply the perennial truth of the Gospel to the concrete circumstances of life, an objective that has been strikingly achieved by this practical, interesting and invaluable aid to pastoral and effective preaching. It is a helpful companion for the busy pastor, the eager young seminarian and keen members of the laity who wish to deepen their personal understanding of Sacred Scripture, enrich their spiritual lives and establish the practical connection with their day-to-day challenges. Here is a complete source book that offers for every Sunday: the Theme, the Introduction, the Penitential Rite, the Prayer of the Faithful and a homily that always exploits the art of story-telling.