House of Ibadan
Archbishop Felix Alaba Job of Ibadan welcomed the Paulines into his archdiocese. Thus
began their presence in Nigeria on 7 October 1991, feast of the Holy Rosary. That day Fr Perino,
the Superior General, officiated at the Mass in the General House, Via Della Fanella 39, Roma,
and declared that a house was being opened in Ibadan and announced that he was sending Br
Basil as his representative and Fr Leopoldo Bothawara from the Philippines, to Nigeria. 2
Later, Fr Carlos Baradas from Mexico, Fr Mark Fonseca and Fr Dominic Vellaiparambil
from India, and Br Girolomo Shim Jae Young (who was still in temporary profession) from
Korea joined the community in a rented house in Bodija, Ibadan. Br Basil found a suitable place
at Rotimi William, S. Bodija, and purchased 1 acre of land with a two-storeyed building in it.
Meanwhile our book-centre apostolate was begun in a new building belonging to the
Archdiocese, located in front of the Cathedral of Ibadan at Okepadi. Later the Archbishop gave
the Paulines full possession of an adjoining piece of land where a four-storeyed book centre with
basement was built at the expense of the General House, and the Paulines moved in. 3
As it was an international community made up of members from four different nations –
Mexico, India, the Philippines and Korea – cultural differences made the growth of the
community difficult. Two attempts at formation did not succeed in spite of getting many
vocations. Therefore Br Basil requested the General Government to send sufficient members to
Ibadan from any one Province in the English speaking world. Upon this the General
Government handed over the entire Nigeria mission to the Indian Province. 4 In 1996 Nigeria
became part of the Province which now has become India-Nigeria Province.
The new community consisted of Fr Joseph Kolencherry, the delegate of the Provincial,
Fr Abraham Nedumpuram and Herman Dungdung, still a Junior. In less than six months of his
arrival in Nigeria, Fr Joseph died in a shocking car accident. Fr Abraham was then made
delegate. Soon Fr Thomas Manimala was sent from India to Nigeria to strengthen the apostolic
activities there. Fr Abraham was replaced by Fr Emmanuel Mundumoozhikara as the new

delegate. Later Frs Gilbert Kannikatt and David Pushparaj joined the community and Fr
Manimala was appointed delegate of the house. Once again we began recruiting vocations and
forming them. The house for formation in Ibadan was completed in 2007.

Ibadan, Oyo State
Location Ibadan, Oyo State

31 Rotimi Williams Avenue, Awoshika Ibadan

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